Frequently Asked Questions

  • I dont have access to JSH Connect, what should I do? 

Good news is that if you are a JSH member, your account, membership and household are already setup.

To access your account go to -> JSH Connect Login -> Reset Password (use same email that you get emails from JSH)

If you dont get reset password email from JSH Connect within 10 minutes, please check spam folder in your email account. 


  • I still have login / data issues with JSH Connect.

Please read thru below information and if issue still persists then use the "Open a New Ticket" link. JSH Connect Team generally turns issues around in 1-3 business days. 


  • How do I learn to navigate JSH Connect? Are there any instructions to follow?

Watch this JSH Connect Demo (2 minutes watch time)


  • What is JSH Connect?

One stop platform for JSH members and contacts to manage their personal data, donations, event registration and much more.


  • Is JSH Connect a secured platform? Are my donations secured?

Yes, JSH Member Connect uses a professional CRM system purpose built for non-profit organizations. Its widely used in non-profit organizations. It also complies with software and financial idustry standards. For secured payment processing, it uses commonly used SSL (secured) similar to how large online organizations use.    


  • Why I dont see my past donations?

After inaugarating in April, JSH Volunteer teams continues to upload more financial and personal data. You may receive updates periodically. We request you to visit JSH Connect again in the next few weeks. 


  • Why my membership start date is shown only from 2023?

Its an effective date based on the new constitution in absense of orginal start date for some members. We understand most members have been associated with JSH for a long time. We appreciate your commitment to JSH. 


  • Why I dont see my all family members?

JSH connect is personal portal for each JSH member. Each member would be able to manage their data with own login details. However during registration process (like pathshala registration) JSH Connect will automatically pull in your family members data. After that you will be able to register on their behalf. 


  • I believe the pledge in my accout is an error. What should I do?

Please submit a ticket using the link at the bottom of this page. 


  • Why do I see a different life ID number?

Based on the members feedback, we understood that it was difficult to remember JSH member ID. We have migrated to a new system that gave a new ID BUT your email and personal details are now given importace to locate your information. Past JSH numbers and data are archived for safe keeping.


  • I still need help with JSH Connect. Who should I reach out to?

Please reach out to technology team on OR Malav Sanghvi on


If you still have an issue:   


Last updated: April 27th, 2024